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Buy Pickup Spanish — Pickup SpanishCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEStaring at the girl just a foot away from me through the smoke of the nightclub, I was supposedly "in with a chance" but it didn’t register. The girl in front of me was a model 8 years previously in Chile and now she was the boss of the sales department I was working in. She stood 5’11", caramel skinned, long black hair down to her curvy behind and DDs that she just couldn’t conceal from the world no matter what she wore.

In the past 4 weeks since she joined the company, all the other guys in our department had tried everything to get their wicked way with her. One guy invited her to dinner. Another just wouldn’t stop pestering her with text messages. Once I started talking to her in Spanish, I blew all the other guys out of the water.

"Vamos al hotel?" (Shall we go back to the hotel?) she asked in her distinctly Chilean Spanish."Vamonos" (let’s go) I said, keeping up my 100% record of swooping hot Latina babes from right under the noses of non-Spanish speaking douchebags.

When we got back to her place, I unbuttoned her dress to reveal those large breasts. The panties came off with no resistance.

…Which presents a HUGE opportunity for any man who learns the secrets of gaming Latinas in their own language.

Now be honest with me. If you’ve traveled to Latin America before, what was the biggest barrier to meeting the local women?Your level of Spanish right?

If you do happen to come across a high-class Latina while you’re there, as soon as you make your move in broken Spanish she’ll see you as just another gringo backpacker who is too lazy to make the effort to learn the local language. Consider your Spanish level a factor if you want to meet quality girls in Latin America, assuming you don’t want to pay.

I’ve been in Latin America for four years now and I’ve seen many western guys get played left and right by seductive hispanic women.

And I’m not just spending bucket loads of cash and promising "green cards" to attract shallow girls. Far from it. I build real rapport, respect and attraction all with my Spanish game skills.

But the truth is, I didn’t even know about the power gaming South American women in their own language until…

I was tired of the dating culture in the US where attractive women wouldn’t look twice at me unless I was a famous athlete, on television or looked like a male model. Do you know what I’m talking about?

My long term girlfriend had dumped me. Let’s just say it was "against my wishes". It was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.

I was worried about the future, about finding a wife, having children. I eventually wanted to settle down with a feminine woman when I got older.

The question was, How can I improve my dating options? How can I get away from everything for a while to get over this break up?

The thing is, I’d always been hypnotized by Latin women. The swaying hips, tanned skin, voluptuous curves and jet black hair. The way they dress is just so damn feminine.

At one point I’d finally had enough of admiring Latin women from afar. I knew I had to visit some of these countries and experience the girls for myself so I decided to go to Latin America to recharge my batteries and get away from it all. I was sure my ‘exotic foreigner’ value would be enough to get the top-league women.

…and I was struggling…the only girls I could communicate with were foreign exchange students or backpacker girls from the US, Canada and the UK who drank at the same Irish-themed bars that I did.

Whenever I tried to approach a local beauty, she would strain to understand my butchered Spanish and then make a face and turn away.

The only local girls who showed any interest were the bottom-of-the-barrel chicks, who turned out to be "prepagos" (pros). Not my thing.

I didn’t want to be like a those pathetic gringos I saw who come to Latin America just to spend money on prostitutes.

Beginner Spanish learners will benefit from the course’s efficiency in focusing in on the bare essentials that you’ll need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking girls. Instead of spending an hour learning the words for pets and household items on Rosetta Stone, with Pickup Spanish you’ll immediately sort out how to carry on a conversation with Latinas, get their number and get them back to your Airbnb, apartment, hotel or hostel.

Pickup Spanish was extremely helpful, and I’d heartily recommend it for anyone who needs a quick crash-course and introduction to Spanish. If you’ve got a trip coming up in a month, you’ll reap the rewards of sweet Latina pussy far more with Pickup Spanish than a generic Spanish textbook, or Rosetta Stone. I don’t plug products that I don’t believe in. And Pickup Spanish is the real deal.

They made me realize that I had to get serious about learning Spanish to have any chance of distinguishing myself from all the other thirsty foreign guys chasing after the same group of local women.

Once I got back home and I studied religiously to learn Spanish.I threw myself into improving my Spanish any way I could, my visions of tropical countries full of ripe and perfectly tanned Latinas giving me more than enough motivation.

I watched the same Mexican movies over and over, learning the dialogues verbatim. I listened to songs and rapped along to improve my flow of words and pronunciation. I studied grammar books. I carried around reminder cards with verb conjugations on them.

I even paid $400 for a two week ‘Intensive Spanish’ course in Panama, and it was fun… Read more…

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