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7 Seconds to A Perfect Body – The ULTIMATE Isometric Training Program

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body - The ULTIMATE Isometric Training ProgramCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThe Stunning Scientific Method Behind A 130lbs Weaklings Transformation Into 180lbs of Rock Solid Muscle With Spectacular Strength and Fantastic Fitness Using NO Weights and Just SECONDS of Exercise!

These are REAL photos showing REAL results produced in just 7 weeks, working out less than 10 minutes a day! But it didn’t stop there. Read this letter to see the incredible transformation from a weak and wobbly body to a stunning physique and super strength without weights – you’ll be amazed…

These aren’t professional studio photos designed to look like the cover of a men’s fitness magazine. These are unedited, not photo-shopped or changed in any way – (believe me if they were you wouldn’t be seeing the bed sheets of my spare bedroom drying in the background). There are no fancy camera tricks or lighting effects. These are just the ACTUAL photos my brother took of me before and after 7 weeks following the advice below….working out for less than 10 minutes a day…

This is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I will show you exactly how you can achieve an incredibly fit physique while developing devastating strength without weights, without injury and best of all without a great deal of time….

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it…so below with your own eyes you will see demonstrations of the spectacular strength that you too can achieve…..

Now is your chance to learn the forgotten secrets of the old time supermen – breakthrough techniques that can transform your body and it’s abilities in just seconds! Secrets that the fitness industry has tried to bury! You won’t need equipment, you won’t need expensive supplements…you’ll just need….. 

I hate to admit it, but that pasty “dead rat hair” chested, skinny-fat failure is me. That’s what I looked like after working for a year as a personal trainer! Not the type of body you’d expect, and certainly not one I’d listen to for fitness advice. Unfortunately being a personal trainer does not automatically make you buff, in fact, irregular 14 hour long shifts, working 7 days a week and living on a “eat as much as you can in 5 minutes cause you might not have the chance to eat for another 10 hours” diet destroyed my health, my fitness and my physique….and perhaps worst of all my enthusiasm and joy for fitness. …

You see, in the fitness industry they don’t want you to succeed and get in great shape – they don’t want fast results. They want you to progress slowly or not at all, so that you come back year after unproductive year and pay your hard earned money for a membership that doesn’t produce.

That was the lesson I learnt fairly quickly working as a trainer in one of Ireland’s top gyms. And if you’ve ever been a member of a gym you probably know just what I mean…

There is a myth, a great lie and conspiracy about getting fit and in shape – that you need to spend hours a day to do it. And it’s not true.

As a fitness instructor in a Premier Gym, I thought I knew everything about transforming the human body through exercise. I was wrong. My clients got results but it took time, and a lot of hard work. With today’s lifestyles most couldn’t dedicate themselves to the long hours needed to transform their body. Neither could I.

I was working back to back, client after client and when I was done I didn’t want to see another weight or look at another treadmill.

As my health declined and my waist expanded I began looking for a faster way to workout and keep my body in tip top physical condition…and I found it…..the secret the fitness industry tried to suppress…

How can this be? Every fitness magazine out there tells you have to lift weights, hit the treadmill and spend hours a day training, all while slurping down expensive supplements that are the “missing link” in body mastery. And every gym instructor is telling you the same….and they are all lying to you.

Wait a minute there….surely thanks to all the modern day research and focus on health and exercise we must know every hidden secret, every little tip to makes us look trimmer and sexier? We must finally have the answer to getting the body of our dreams and the strength to live life with ease?

I thought that and I was a fitness instructor and top personal trainer, but I was wrong…in all the glamor of fitness, its increasing popularity and the rampant profiteering done it in its name, all the gadgets and gizmos, the liposuction and cosmetic tanning had only buried the truth and it lay there dormant, waiting forgotten….

Hi. I bought your 7 seconds abs (just one small chapter from 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body – Paul ) and I must say that IT WORKS!!! I was never fat (in fact, my nickname is “chicken legs”) but I had the worst pot belly ever!! After buying your ebook and after 1 week (no change in diet, etc.) I realized that I no longer had any pot belly! And this was from doing one of your exercise whenever I’m waiting in a long line.

And it’s about to get even more unbelievable. These same techniques that will sculpt your body from the inside out will transform your strength and fitness levels. And I don’t mean simple little things….like being able to carry a heavy TV with 1 arm, fly up flights of stairs like they were nothing but a single step, and easily move or lift any object….no…what I am talking about is the staggering impossible strength of the classical physical culturists…

Men who were capable of lifting… Read more…

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